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¡Hola! me llamo Thairi soy de Caracas, Venezuela tengo 21 Años. Amo la música, el chocolate y el cafe. Me preocupo por el Ambiente, creo que ayudando con pequeñas cosas se puede hacer una gran diferencia. Triple S y Henecia.

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17/ Xing Edits: Die Jungs close-ups

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Cheon Sung Yi during and after her hangover.

I died from laughter during making these gifs

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4Minute’s Hyuna spilled on her relationship with B2ST’s Jang Hyun Seung.

MBC’s Star Gazing aired a ‘Foreigners who love girl groups’ special on August 21, featuring 4Minute and SISTAR as special guests.

During the show, a fan asked Hyuna, “I’ve been curious about this ever since Trouble…

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Day 296 without Young Saeng
343 days left till his return

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GD x  Chow Tai Fook collaboration

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Nieljoe on Weekly Idol ♡

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Monica got stung by a jellyfish.

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l.joe dancing cutely to, to you.

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